Since its conception on 9th May 2017, we at LoveMe International believe that inner beauty and outer beauty are interconnected. It is our desire to provide you with a positive difference in your life by improving your quality of life in a meaningful way. Which is why our products are crafted with you in mind.

Each product helps to relieve concerns you may have when it comes to personal and beauty care. Whether it’s dry skin, lacklustre hair or ageing, we’ve got a range of products that are designed to help appease your worries, and more!

We’re committed to promoting innovative health and beauty care products that meet your ever evolving needs. Our products are formulated with the highest quality of ingredients that have been tested over months of research and trial and error. All to give you the luxurious treatment you deserve. So take the next step in your personal care journey with us, while we prioritise you.


To become a globally trusted and recognised brand in the health and beauty care industry that enriches inner and outer beauty and to create a million dollar revenue generation opportunity.


Mission I: LoveMe International is committed to promoting innovative health and beauty care products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Mission II: LoveMe International ensures that our portfolio of products and services provided are of the highest quality.

Mission III: LoveMe International desires to provide a positive difference in our customers’ lives by helping to improve their quality of life in real and meaningful ways.

Mission IV: LoveMe International aims to build and empower strong powerful business leaders who will support the good cost of nation building and developing financial freedom.


Love: Love is an integral part of our brand, which is why it was chosen as our brand name. Love shapes every decision we make. We create our products with love for our customers and by extension to help them learn to love themselves.

Oneness: No one is an island. We must all work together to empower one another in every way we can. Our oneness is what gives us our strength.

Versatile: Versatility is the name of the game. In an ever changing landscape, all that matters is who can adapt to their situations the best. Rigidity is a thing of the past, we believe in adapting to every situation that comes our way to make the best of it.

Empowering: From the day we were founded we have believed in empowerment. It is our goal to use our brand to uplift people, no matter their background because we believe in equal opportunity for all. We believe that each individual should be given the opportunities to stand on their own two feet.

Majestic: We wish to create products that will help you feel like the most majestic version of yourself. We want to see all our customers thrive and grow.

Enterprising: To enterprise and create a brand that becomes a globally trusted brand that creates opportunities for many women around the world.